Unlock the best version of yourself with the 21's Board, a visual tool to help you build healthy habits in 21 days.

Write a habit you want to create in your life. Eg. Wake up at 7am every day.
Start on day 1 and mark every day as you start building your new habit


21’s Board

The 21’s Board is a visual tracker that helps you focus on building 1 healthy habit at a time. This is such a powerful tool that has helped change the lives of many people and can change your life too!

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21’s Board

  • Build habits you’ve always wanted
  • Become a master of consistency
  • Hold yourself accountable with a visual reminder
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“As a successful professional, I always love learning techniques to help me accomplish my goals. I have been utilizing the "21" method of goal setting through Continual Growth and I find it such a no-nonsense approach. It has really help me laser focus on a task and break it down into measurable steps. The positive habits I have been creating with this method are giving me a competitive edge in life, I can't thank the CG team enough!”

Jamie L.Account Manager

“I’m not sure if it was a question of pride or a generally skeptical outlook on things, but I have never been the type to buy-in to self-help programs. But I also never knock anything until I try it myself. I went into the “21” program with almost no faith that it would change my overall mind state/habits. I was wrong. And I think that the magic of this program is that any negative predisposition you have to it will be trumped, so long as you commit to it. The change is incremental and not always obvious, but by the end, the sum of it all will equal great change!”

Donald D.Business Development

“Like many I knew, I needed to make changes in my life to reach my goals but wasn't sure how. I would focus on the big changes I needed to make but would often neglect the smaller things such as my daily habits. However, by sheer alignment of the stars, I met a new friend that introduced me to 21s and welcomed me to the CG Community. After completing my first 21, I noticed a direct change but after my second, I noticed multiple changes in my life. I have gained clarity, motivation and most importantly, I've gotten really good at consistency. I can't thank the CGC enough for the daily support and encouragement that has led me on the path to a more productive and fulfilled life!”

Pierra N.Project Manager

“Becoming self-aware takes practice and it's not something that happens overnight. It's a continuous process - one that involves digging deep and answering some tough questions that you may not want answers to. But once you face them head-on, you become free!”

Aysh O.Marketing Specialist

“Personal development has transformed me but more importantly, it has made me a better person. I've gone from being someone who was quick-tempered and selfish to someone who tries his best to understand people and their points of view. Improving my patience has been a large focus of my personal development. Thanks to my commitment to self-improvement, my patience has grown immensely. It doesn't hurt to mention that my commitment to personal development has also increased my income by more than 5x as well!”

Paul P.Wealth Management

“Lost in the sauce! Coasting through life each and every day. That's legitimately the life I was living or should I say the life I was letting happen to me by default. All up until I got a serious realiy check from my coach who simply asked me if I have goals. The rest was history. I learned the importance of goal setting, positive habit building, and true ownership of my life. Continual Growth provided me with the tools to help transform my life and encourage those closest to me to do the same. I'm grateful and excited for the impact CG will continue to have on people all over the world!”

Carver D.Entrepreneur

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